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BeneSuite™ HRIS

HR Solution Over A Single Platform

BeneSuite™ HRIS will help you execute all workforce management tasks with complete ease, accuracy and features like:

Employee Directory – BeneSuite™ HRIS gives you an advanced employee directory that allows employees to easily find and contact their colleagues and collaborate.

  • Categorized employee profiles across different divisions and locations
  • Easy employee search through multiple filters such as name, department, division, location, position and more
  • Display employee profile content based on permission level assigned to administrators and managers

No Spreadsheets Required – Throw out those spreadsheets! BeneSuite™ allows you to free yourself from the need to maintain employee data and necessary details in those tedious spreadsheets. Get everything secured at single location with easy accessibility. Employees can view and edit their details, anywhere, anytime!

Personalized Dashboard – Personalized profile and dashboard allows employees to manage their profile on real time basis, permitting tracking and updating of skills, goals, share calendar, input time tracking, view notices, messaging, news and much more.

  • Support and encourage peer recognition and provide kudos
  • Provide management drill down analytics for their team
  • Complete integration with HRIS, Benefit Administration and Payroll Management modules
  • Through integration, complete work history with demographic and benefit plan details as well as Year To Date earnings displayed

Employee On-boarding – Receive the most advanced employee on-boarding functionality with BeneSuite™ HRIS. Selected candidates can load required details and documents prior to date of hire. The centralized employee database will automatically populate the data on the candidate’s first day giving them a seamless on-boarding experience. Upload w-4’s, I-9’s and employee handbook acknowledgment to secure a secure employee vault.

Easy Time-Tracking – Forget paper time cards and those tedious payroll spreadsheets, now you can enjoy a streamlined system that tracks hours worked and time off. Employee timesheets automatically sync with the payroll and eliminate errors, assuring employees of being paid accurately and on-time.

  • Automatic process for managing employee time-off requests and approvals
  • Employee Dashboard displays available, scheduled, and used time-off
  • Reconcile accruals and usage making it easy to run payroll reports

Addressing Complaints – Employees can file issues or complaints through the portal and assign it to the appropriate authority. Ability to track the status of the complaint and if necessary, escalate to the next management level.

Talent Management – Identify the skilled and potential candidates in your organization through the talent tracking tool. Managers can use the skills chart during performance review periods to track competency among entire workforce. Helps managers track and update employee skills and cultivate their expertise level. Dynamic reporting feature allows management to identify strengths and gaps across organization while employees are able to review assigned skill levels.

Generate Quick Reports – Smarter analytics simplify one of the most time consuming jobs of consolidating scattered data into meaningful reports which will help in your strategic decision making. Top management can utilize these reports to monitor individual employee performance.

360 Degree Feedback – 360° Feedback System allow employees to give and receive complete feedback by managers, supervisors, and colleagues. Employees can get the feedback on request or by a regular review process which can be provided on particular events or on an overall level.

  • Empowers employees at all levels to manage their own performance and growth