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Employee Benefits

The Human Resources function has become complex over the years and as a result, managing it can be a challenge for many organizations. Companies now have part-time employees and contractors in addition to full-time staff, all with different requirements and needs. Couple this with legacy applications that are not integrated whatsoever and organizations end up struggling to keep up with constant changes in business and regulatory environments.

BeneSuite™ is an integrated, easy to use employee management platform with sophisticated automation, reporting tools that makes managing your workforce a breeze as well as achieving cost and time savings. Regardless of the size of your organization, you will be able to leverage a scalable, affordable solution that facilitates easy compliance with regulatory and legislative changes including Affordable Care Act and HIPAA.


Recruitment to
Retirement Cycle

Why Choose BeneSuite™

Comprehensive, Cloud-based Solution for Benefits Administrators

Aligns with strategic & Business needs

  • Scalable cloud-based solution that grows with the organization
  • 360® view of unified employee data covering demographics, work, benefits and payroll
  • Real time dashboard and custom reporting to enable more effective monitoring and decision making
  • Integrated modules that automate, streamlines workflow and saves time while ensuring data accuracy

Flexible and Customizable

  • Flexible and robust- use all the modules or only the ones needed
  • Customizable and seamlessly connects to other 3rd party applications


  • Easy to use interface
  • Self-service employee online access
  • Mobile access for administrators ad employees to perform on-the-go

Support and infrastructure

  • Comprehensive support
  • Guaranteed reliability and security with bit SSL encryption, two-factor authentication and 100% uptime.